Here are 5 easy steps to help extend the life of your roof.

Regular Inspections

At any given time your roof is susceptible to damage, whether it comes from winter storms, sunlight exposure, or things such as tree branches falling on it. For this reason, routine inspections of it are a great way to extend the life of your roof. This will allow you to address any small damages, before they turn into big problems.

Replace Damaged or Worn Shingles

Once a shingle is worn out or damaged, it immediately exposes your roof to further damage. Replacing these shingles immediately saves you from a larger project down the line. Shingles help protect the interior of your roof, which in return protects the interior of your home.

Apply a Coating

Polymer coatings can be extremely effective when trying to extend the life of your roof. These coatings help keep off excess water and prevent damage from those bad Pennsylvania winters. They are available in many home improvement stores and are easy to apply. They will also keep your shingles looking new.

Removing Branches

Many homes in Montgomery County are surrounded by trees, which overhanging branches can cause great damage to your roof. You should check your local guidelines before actually trimming these branches in order to make sure you are allowed to do this. If it is permissible then trim any branches that reach your roof, or could possibly break and fall on it.

Gutters! Gutters! Gutters!

Gutters that are overloaded with leaves and debris are a big problem. Anything that can prevent the water to properly flow through your gutter system can cause it to be backed up and sit on your roof. This will possibly damage the shingles and the roof itself. Make sure to clean your gutters at least twice a year.

Replacing a roof or fixing a damaged one can be very expensive. These 5 suggestions can help you extend the life of your roof, which in the long run will save you money and time. Routine inspections and maintenance is a great way to keep up with your roof. Remember some of these tasks are simple and easy but it is always recommended to bring in a professional to secure your safety.

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