When it comes to getting roofing work done, some seasons are better than others. Whether you are getting a smaller repair or investing in a complete replacement of your roof, one thing always stays the same: roofing work is an outdoors job.

Considering the unique requirements of roofing jobs, autumn is the perfect time to get work done on your roof for several reasons. Here are a few to consider:

Weather. Generally speaking, autumn is a drier time of the year, which makes it optimal for roofing projects. While this has been an unusually rainy year in Bucks County, the weather conditions are still better at this time, since we are between the hot and humid days of summer and the bitterly cold and snowy days of winter. 

The more moderate weather isn’t just more comfortable for the professionals installing or repairing your roof—it is also optimal for the materials being used. Temperatures in autumn create ideal conditions for asphalt shingles to adhere and a strong seal to form, giving you a more durable and water-tight roof.

Taking care of your roof is a great way to winterize your home. Winter is almost here, and with it the wear and tear snow and ice bring to your home, especially your roof. Getting your roof repaired or replaced now gives the shingles enough time to bond well to the roof in advance of winter weather.

You could save money on heating. Having that sound roofing in place during the coldest months means a warmer, better insulated house that is more energy efficient and could be less costly to heat.

Every home is different, and certainly if there is an urgent need to repair your roof that will outweigh weather considerations like temperature. But if the work you are looking to have done on your roof is more about making sure this vital part of your home is always sound and strong and able to keep you and your family protected from the elements, you may have the ability to choose your timing.

For routine maintenance or scheduled repairs, talk to your trusted roofing professional about getting work done in autumn, and enjoy the benefits and peace of mind year round.

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