Despite the optimism of Punxsutawney Phil, winter is still well underway in Southeast Pennsylvania, with some pretty major storm systems already in the books. Snow and ice, particularly the heavy kind we saw in recent weeks, can take a significant toll on a roof.

You may be wondering if it’s necessary to call in a professional to inspect your roof for weather damage, or if the assessment is something you can do on your own. Here are the top five reasons to consider having your roof professionally inspected for weather damage:

1.       Professionals can spot damage the average home owner cannot. Sometimes it’s easy to determine if your roof has been damaged—a leak is a dead giveaway that repair or replacement is needed—but sometimes the damage can be harder to spot. Professional Bucks County roofers are trained to look for signs of damage that might be overlooked otherwise, and have the equipment and training to access all areas of the roof safely to conduct a thorough inspection.

2.       Professionals can catch a problem when it’s just starting. A professional Doylestown, PA roofer has the expertise to spot problems while they’re still small, or detect the warning signs that a problem is imminent. This can be a huge advantage to home owners, especially if it allows for the damage to be addressed with a much less involved and costly repair before it grows worse and harder to fix.

3.       A professional inspection examines areas the average homeowner may find difficult to access. From insulation to joints and flashings, your roof has many areas that are harder to reach, and some of them, like the area around vents or the places where there are joints that connect or bend, may be especially susceptible to damage.

4.      Professional Bucks County roofers are trained to safely access roofs. Safety is a major concern when climbing up on a roof—especially one that may be compromised by weather damage. Professional roofers are equipped and trained in safety measures that could result in a slip, fall, or other accident if the inspection is attempted by the homeowner.

5.       A professional inspection will help with your insurance claim. If your roof is damaged and you plan on submitting a claim to your homeowner’s insurance carrier, you will need to have a professional assessment of the damage, with the findings of the inspection on record to support your claim. Having a professional attest to the extent of the damage and the necessity of repair can help you get all that you are entitled to from your policy.

Winter storms and weather damage can impact the integrity of your roof, but choosing to have a professional roofer inspect it can help you spot problems safely and early, avoiding accidents and more costly repairs down the road.

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