Thinking about replacing your windows? Fall is the ideal time to take care of this important part of your home and ensure you are prepared for the winter months ahead. Here are our top five reasons to take advantage of the mild weather to contact a professional about getting your windows replaced:

  1. You’ll save money this winter. If your windows are damaged or in any way compromised in doing their job, they’ll end up costing you money this winter. As the temperatures drop, cold air will seep in through windows that are past their prime, and your home heating system will kick into high gear in an attempt to keep you warm. The bottom line is that damaged windows will lead to higher energy bills in winter.
  2. The temperature is ideal for outside work. Getting your windows replaced in summer can be challenging as the sweltering heat from the outside comes in—and all of the costly air conditioning escapes—as the replacements are done. Likewise, winter is an inconvenient time to replace windows, as the chilly outdoor air would get inside the house and your heating would escape.
  1. You can avoid a potential health hazard. The snow and ice and precipitation of winter sets the stage for moisture in the home—unless good quality windows keep it out. When moisture creeps in, mold and mildew have the perfect place to grow, creating not only the potential for further damage but for health risks as well.
  1. Caulking matters. Extreme temperatures like the super highs of summer and the frigid lows of winter are not ideal for caulking. Rather, caulking adheres better, and cures better, in more mild temperatures. When it dips below 40 degrees Fahrenheit or exceeds 80 degrees, you run the risk of the caulk not adhering or curing well.
  1. Materials react to temperature. Just like caulking works best in milder temperatures, other materials react to how hot or cold it is outside. In general, cold makes things contract, and heat makes them expand. When you replace your windows during a season that is very hot or very cold, materials like aluminum or vinyl that are part of the make up of your home may be in an expanded or contracted state. When they settle as the temperatures grow more mild, this may cause issues like the caulk cracking.

Getting your windows replaced is an investment in the comfort, safety, and efficiency of your home, and fall is the ideal time to make sure you and your family are prepared for the cold months ahead. Talk to a trusted professional today about your window replacement needs!

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