It’s been one of the rainiest years on record so far in Bucks County, and while that may be good news for weathermen it’s not such great news for homeowners trying to keep their roofs in good shape. If you’ve sustained damage that goes beyond replacing some shingles or treating a small area with a patch, the next question to consider is whether to do a partial or total roof repair.

Here are some points to consider about the pros and cons of partial roof repairs:

Location, location, location: Where’s the damage? Is it localized to one side of the roof? If the area in need of repair is concentrated enough, your roof could be a candidate for a partial repair.

Cost—it may not be what you think: It seems like a no-brainer that a partial roof repair would be less expensive than a total repair, but it’s not always that simple. While it is true that a partial repair will generally be a couple thousand dollars less than a total repair up front, the cost per square is often higher for a partial repair, and there could be extra work involved that drives the price up even higher. For example, roofs are not allowed to have more than two layers of asphalt shingles. If the area being partially repaired has two layers of asphalt, they will both have to be ripped up before the new roofing can be installed on the area being repaired.

Then there’s the long-term cost to consider. A major part of the cost in roofing work is labor, so it can add to your overall expenses to bring a crew out twice to set up all of their equipment, scaffolding, and ladders for a partial repair now and the rest later.

Appearances: There’s some good news for partial repairs here, and some bad news. On the plus side, unlike replacing the odd shingle here and there, replacing a whole section of a roof can make it easier to blend old with new for a more cohesive and appealing look. On the downside, if you’ve had to remove layers of asphalt under the newly roofed section, there may be an unevenness between the old and new areas of the roof that make it look sloppy and cobbled together.

roof repair is a major investment in the safety and value of your home. There are times when a partial repair makes sense, and makes the impact on your wallet a little easier to take. But there are also times when long-term costs and the appearance of the roof make replacing the whole thing at once more economical overall. Always be sure to consult a professional roofer if you have questions about what type of repair is best for your roof.

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