The job may seem quick and easy, and there are some roofing jobs you can do yourself. Always remember safety first and take all necessary precautions in order to protect yourself and others. Being on a roof can be extremely dangerous, following the suggestions below can make the job easier and even save your life.

Work Area – When it comes to the area you are working on it should always be clean and organized. You should also put a barrier up to keep children and pets away from areas below where you are working. Always be aware of your surroundings such as powerlines and unsafe areas on the roof.

Preventing Falls – Many deaths and serious injuries in the construction field come from falls. Professional Roofing Magazine claims on average, 6 roofers die each month in the U.S. from a fall. With that in mind you can understand how serious safety is. You should never work on a wet roof, always wear safe footwear, make sure to set up and climb ladder properly and always use safety harnesses, safety nets and guardrails.

Ladder Safety – The ladder you use should always conform to local codes, as well as be approved by the American Ladders Institute or Canada’s Centre For Occupational Health and Safety. Always make sure your ladder is set up correctly, that it is placed on solid ground, that the ground underneath is level, and you should tie your ladder off at the top. Other extremely important steps are making sure the base of the ladder is extended out one foot for every four feet of elevation and that the ladder extends 36 inches above the landing or roof. Ladder safety is such a key element in roofing safety, it can prevent so many injuries and/or deaths when you follow all precautions.

Remember you can never be careful enough, always take as many precautions as possible. You want to constantly be aware of all possible threats, whether it is the slope of the roof, tools or materials laying around, or inspecting your ladder to make sure it is secure and ready to be climbed. There are so many deaths every year due to small mistakes people make when working at elevated heights, be careful and aware so that you prevent this from happening.

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