In our last article we talked about gutters and gutter shields, and how they are part of your home’s defense system against water damage. As autumn approaches with its falling leaves it’s a good time to review how to keep gutters clear and clean so they can do their job effectively.

Gutter maintenance

Gutter maintenance should be performed twice a year. Even the use of gutter shields, although helpful, will not necessarily keep gutters completely free from debris at all times.

The first step to gutter maintenance is visual inspection. Clearly if you detect leaking around a seam or a puncture of some kind, this is a sign that repair is in order. Beyond that, take a walk around the perimeter of your home and check for parts of the gutter that may look like they are sagging, as this can be an indication that accumulated debris has caused a back up of water.

You’ll want to check as well for any spots where it looks like gutter hangers or downspout brackets have loosened so that they can be more securely affixed.

Gutter cleaning

If debris has gotten into your gutters, it will need to be cleaned out to allow them to facilitate the uninterrupted flow of rainwater away from the house again. 

Gutters can be cleaned by climbing up on a ladder and removing any obstructions, then using a hose to flush the gutter clear. It is extremely important, however, to exercise a high degree of caution when using a ladder to access your gutters as a fall can cause serious injury.

Homeowners can avoid the risk of injury and ensure that their gutters are expertly cleaned by engaging the services of a trusted professional. Roofing professionals have the proper training and equipment to thoroughly clean gutters, attend to any needed repairs, and keep them properly maintained so they can do the job they are meant to do in protecting your home. Most importantly, they are trained to carry out the cleaning and maintenance safely, guarding against injury to individuals as well as damage to property.

To learn more about keeping your gutters clean and well maintained, contact a professional roofer today!

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