Winter storms, as well as the cold can cause a lot of damage to your roof. Here’s some easy tips in order for you to inspect your own roof before calling the experts in.

Inspect Shingles

Start by inspecting your entire roof for loose or curled shingles, loose tiles, or damaged/detached flashing. Your only inspecting with your eyes, remember not to physically mess with any of the possible problems, this could damage them more. Also if there are any missing or curled shingles, check for cracks in the roof in the spot they should be. Any flashing that has come loose should be secured back, as long as it is not damaged. In the case that it is damaged, then the flashing needs to be replaced.


Not only should you inspect your gutters, you should also have plans on cleaning them. Remove any debris, whether it be tree branches, dead leaves, possible broken shingles, or dirt. You can use a hose or pressure washer to get a more effective clean, this will allow you to see if any damage has been done. Water must be able to flow freely through the gutter system so there is no overflow leaving water to seep into the roof.

Remove Moss

This is actually quite an easy job to help keep your roof in great shape. If the moss is already dry you can use a broom to sweep it off, if not you will have to use a moss removal product and then sweep it off after it’s killed.

Interior Inspection

Once the outside inspection is done, you can head inside and check the interior ceilings for any water stains. This can usually be fixed with just some paint, as long as it’s only stains and not actual water damage. Snow loads on your roof can also crack the interior roof, so make sure you inspect for that as well. Cracks in the interior can allow more water to flow through, eventually damaging the foundation.

Remember even though these are all simple and easy ways of inspecting your roof after some possible extreme Montgomery County winter weather, it is also very dangerous. The best recommendation is for you to hire a professional to come in and inspect and fix any damage. If you choose to do it yourself just remember to be careful, and always have someone around while you’re on a roof.

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