Homeowner’s Checklist: Safeguarding Your Roof From Hurricane And Storm Damage

Homeowners in Bucks and Montgomery Counties, and the surrounding areas are familiar with the yearly concern that comes with “hurricane season.” It’s that time of year, from the beginning of summer to mid-fall, when we worry that the more intense storms of the season, some of which can make their way north as full-force hurricanes, will damage our roofs and siding, leaving us with serious damage and costly repair bills.

The potential for driving rain and gusting winds to tear off shingles and compromise the integrity of your roof is real, and while no combination of preventive measures can completely guarantee that your home will not suffer in the event of a major storm or hurricane, there is a lot that can be done to fortify your roof and limit the possibility and severity of damage. The following are our top five tips for keeping your roof as storm-proof as possible:

  1. Regular inspection

The best defense is a good offense. Your roof will be better able to withstand the stress and buffeting of high winds and driving rains if it is kept in consistent good repair, and that means regular inspection. Twice a year, have your roof professionally inspected by JL Roofing to assess its overall health and detect the beginnings of any problems. It’s important to have this done by a professional roofer rather than just visually inspecting the roof yourself, first because JL Roofing is  trained and have the proper equipment to safely access and evaluate your roof, and secondly because they have the expertise to detect potential issues the average homeowner may not recognize or know to look for.

  1. Make repairs immediately

If one of your biannual inspections turns up an issue, or some damage occurs at another time, don’t put off taking care of the repair. The more immediate your response, the less time the problem has to get worse. Roof damage has the potential to escalate quickly, and the harm done and money needed to fix the problem can grow just as rapidly. If you address issues as they arise, you will be able to keep your roof more consistently in optimal condition, and save yourself from the major expense of a repair bill for a small problem that became a much bigger one. Contact JL Roofing to asses any damage.

  1. Keep a regular maintenance schedule

In addition to regular inspection, regular maintenance is a must when it comes to safeguarding and prolonging the life of your roof through every season, including hurricane season. Twice a year—in Bucks and Montgomery Counties, it tends to make the most sense to do this in spring after the winter thaw and in fall before the first snows—have your roof professionally cleaned. This should be done by a professional for the same reasons inspections should be. A fall from your roof or a high ladder can result in serious injury or even death, so safety should be prioritized here. Beyond homeowner safety, however, professionals have the knowledge and equipment to clean your roof effectively and thoroughly without damaging it. Be sure that the cleanings address all aspects of the roof and its irrigation system, including gutters and downspouts that can hide potential blockages and build up of debris.

  1. Secure your roof

The intense winds of a severe storm or hurricane can actually rip a roof right off the top of a house. One way to prevent this from happening is to have  JL Roofing install some additional support. Hurricane clips are sturdy metal pieces that add additional points of connection between your walls or rafters and your roof.

  1. Carry good insurance

In the event that, despite following these preventive measures, your roof still experiences damage due to a severe storm or hurricane, it’s important to know you are covered for any needed repairs. Be sure that your homeowner’s insurance policy has coverage for the types of weather-related perils you are exposed to in the area you live, and know how your coverage and the process of filing a claim works.

Wondering what you can do to up your roof’s chances of making it through hurricane season? Reach out to JL Roofing today!

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