Five roofing mistakes that homeowners commonly make, and how they can be easily avoided!

The biggest mistake you can make is to procrastinate when you believe you may have an issue with your roof. Problems with your roof can develop quickly into large and expensive projects, not only with your roof but with the building itself. Always do routine checks of your roof as well as attics to stay ahead of the problem. If you notice anything that could possibly be wrong contact a professional and have it looked at right away.

Walking on The Roof
Beyond injury, walking on a roof can cause extensive damage to the roof and over time to the interior of the building. Walking on shingles degrades their effectiveness and can cause minor to severe leaks. Asphalt and architectural shingles have small granules that assist with drainage that your shoe tread can tare away.

Pressure Washing The Roof
Pressure washing a roof can uplift shingles, break the adhesive bond, crack tiles, and actually spread the moss and other fungus that you are trying to remove. Which all of these types of damage can compromise the structure of your roof and lead to water leaks. Under no circumstances should your roof be powered washed, not even by a professional roofing company

Leaving Mold and Mildew Untreated
Any type of fungus growing on your roof not only looks bad but also can cause great damage. Fungus can damage the structural integrity of any type of roof. Not only can this be damaging to your roof but can also be dangerous to your family and pets. There are safe and effective ways to remove this fungus, if done the right way.

Used Flashing
Flashing is just material that is usually aluminium or galvanized steel, its purpose is to prevent water from seeping in and causing damage. Flashing over time deteriorates due to weathering and oxidizing, or even from becoming loose. For these reasons you should always use new flashing to prevent problems.

Climbing on to a roof can be very dangerous and also create big problems for your home. When inspecting or fixing a roof, always use qualified professionals in order to prevent injury or further damage to your roof.

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